Comedy Corporate Event Entertainment

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  • Comedy that is always fresh, NEVER CANNED!
  • For Dinner OR SOCIAL HOUR
  • It's Comedy ALA CARTE!


Posing as waiters for your social or dining hour, these Madcap Maitre d’s dish out the comedy by providing a slightly skewed version of the real thing.

It starts out small. Perhaps it is a water glass filled too full, or a waiter seemingly obsessed with measuring the distance between the chairs. Unusual hors d’oeuvres are offered to confused guests. As the evening continues, these servers get…well…even zanier! Before long, pretty much everyone is in on the joke – and loving it! And even though the Zany Waiters are respectful of the dining experience, it is obvious that something new is on the entertainment menu.

This is person-to-person improvisational entertainment.

Everyone at the event gets an unexpected bit of custom-made comedy. The Waiters are very mobile, providing each table or group with a unique and “zany-fied” experience. It’s a great ice-breaker, as your guests try to make sense of the nonsense right in front of them. They’ll be laughing and watching and thoroughly engaged. Everyone will be talking about your event and the Zany Waiters for a long time to come.

Dinner and a Show!

In addition to serving up big laughs during a dinner or social hour, a main stage comedy variety show can also be offered following dinner. It is a highly interactive, world-class comedy show. Great clean comedy, brimming with laughter. The Zany Waiters/ Variety Show combination always gets rave reviews for corporate event entertainment.

They nailed it! Perfect for our group. Laughs all around!
- Don Kenna – North Central Bean Dealers Association

Combine a dash of wit with a generous portion of world-class entertainment. Add a dollop of whimsy and stir in a family-sized portion of unsuspecting dinner guests. Make your reservation now!


The Zany Waiters. Comedy that is always fresh, never canned!

click here to meet your waiters | SERVING UP BIG LAUGHS | click here for Tech Needs