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The Ultra SECRET! Set-up

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Zany Waiters Set-up and Performance Needs

Our needs are carefully designed so that we can provide your audience with the very best zany experience, with minimal client hassles. If you are unable to provide all our needs…we understand… and will do our very best to accommodate what you are able to provide.

Prep/Dressing Room
• One private room, not a public passage area, available as close as possible to performance room (storage room, breakout room or office). This will be the Zany Waiters command center.

• Two standard 2′ x 6′ tables (approximate), two chairs, two pitchers of water and two glasses.

• If meals are included, please set two plates aside to be delivered to our prep/dressing room, after our performance set.

• If an overnight stay is required, we request two rooms, non-smoking. When available, we prefer to lodge at the venue.

The following technical needs apply when a main stage show is booked along with a Zany Waiters set


• 12′ x 12′ stage/riser with stairs, preferred, for easy accessibility to stage from the audience.

• We will pre-set all our props on the stage, prior to the Zany Waiters set.

• Stage completely cleared, prior to introduction of the variety show ( ie. podium, table, etc.)

• Stage placed no farther than 8 feet from audience. Proximity is very important to the success of this show.

• Standard 110v power available at stage

Sound & Lighting
When driving to the event, we can provide our own sound and lighting for most venues. If the venue size exceeds our sound and lighting parameters or if we are flying to an event, the client will provide venue suitable sound and lighting. Specific needs will be defined by the performance venue space and mutually agreed upon prior to contract signing.

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